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    Standing out on the beaches of Belgrad takes top-notch fitness and a hard body. Those are both things that Carissa, a 26-year-old personal trainer, possesses. She is one of our Belgrad Escorts known for superior fitness obtained through hours in the gym and in aerobics classes. She tries to remain active in every aspect of her life, even when the lights go out at night. Not only is she seeking a gentleman that she can work out with, but one to cool down with as well. In her leisure time, Carissa likes to ride bikes, jog, or inline skate along the picturesque Belgrad Nightlife & going out to all clubs & bars in Belgrade.

    She also enjoys sunbathing and spending her evenings with new people locked in conversation or holding each other close out on the dance floor of a local club. You will not be able to stop running your fingers through Carissa’s silky long brown hair as you chat about things like fine food and wine. You can try to maintain eye contact during such conversations, but it might prove difficult with her full 34DD breasts peering up at you. It’s OK, she doesn’t mind if you take a quick peek or two. Everything else on her 130-pound body is perfectly toned, from a tight butt and thighs to her smooth stomach. Carissa shyly admitted that her active lifestyle has also made her a real crowd-pleaser behind closed doors. She likes taking the reins while her company sits back and relaxes. If you can’t keep up with this firecracker in bed, do not worry. She is patient with all types of partners and likes to focus on giving others an unforgettable experience. She can take it slow and sensually or blaze off on a torrid pace. Belgrad Escort always aims to please, and Carissa is no exception to the rule.